One thought on “‘Last Summer of the Water Strider’ – Guardian Review

  1. Heard you pushing this book, and Alan Watts, on “Start the Week” – very interesting chat! But I think you made one serious error – serious Buddhists don’t hold the First Nobel Truth to be “Life is Suffering”, they usually don’t translate the key word, and usually say, “Life us dukkha”, where dukkha encompasses “frustration”, “suffering”, “minor irritation”… anything that isn’t fun. Check out the wikipedia page for starters Serious, modern, post-Watts, writers like Goldstein, Ricard, and Kabat-Zinn are serious thinkers, fun guys, and serious practitoners (Watts without the alcohol!). They aren’t the new agey straw men you attack, or the ignorant pseudo-Buddhists that Watts attack. Recommend you read some of them so you don’t slip into errors like “Life is Suffering”.


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